Year 6 Fun Day

On Friday 9th December, Year 6 went to AMF Bowling for their Fun Day, to celebrate all their hard work and achievements whilst at Kingston Heath Primary School.


We played two games of Ten Pin Bowling and two fifteen minute games of Laser Skirmish. We all had lots of fun and were looking forward to a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. (Rebekah) The Laser Skirmish was phenomenal. (Georgia) Some of us had never been bowling before, and Laiba was either a fast learner thanks to Ms Wheatley’s tips or had a lot of beginner’s luck because she won!


For lunch we had spring rolls, chicken wings, hot dogs and party pies. The chicken was really spicy and the spring rolls were really good. We ate at a long table in the Function Room which we had all to ourselves. (Avanti and Georgia)


We couldn’t have had such a great time if it wasn’t for the parent helpers who dedicated the whole day to us. We would like to thank Mrs Rogik, Mrs Brookes, Mrs Cole, Mrs Moon and Mr O’Meara. We would also like to thank Miss H and Ms Wheatley for coming along and making the day great. But none of this could have happened if it wasn’t for Mr S who organised the day and made it run smoothly. (Rebekah)


When the day concluded everyone was sad it was over but glad because it was time to go home and rest since the day was so full on. I hope that all the fun days over the next few years are as amazing as ours was. (Danah)

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