On Monday 19 June, Kingston Heath Primary School participated in a Girls Soccer competition against other schools in our district. Everyone was extremely excited to leave with team spirit extremely high. Initially we had 26 students from Year 5 and 6 interested and coming to the first training session. After a few practices we had to pick some students out of hat to decide who could participate. Eventually we had our squad of 14 and we trained twice for 4 weeks leading up to the tournament. The team’s sportsmanship was excellent, our girls played fantastic soccer, improving throughout each game. By the last game KHPS were on a roll, we came up against the undefeated top team; HCC and were extremely unlucky not to win, drawing 0-0. Our girls should be proud of their effort; they represented KHPS with distinction, displaying outstanding sportsmanship. Well done!

Round 1: KHPS vs OLA

Our first game was against OLA. We were all excited but nervous. We learnt a lot in the first game and quickly improved. We were unlucky to let in two early goals. We used our first game as a training game for the rest of the day. The standouts were Hayley and Sarah’s amazing defending.  Final Scores: Loss 0 – 2

Round 2: Bye

Everyone enjoyed the break, having a snack while talking tactics for the rest of the day. We learnt about the positions on the soccer field and where we should run. We agreed on our focus for the day; having fun, encouraging teammates and staying in position to defend our goals.

Round 3: KHPS vs Mentone Grammar

We played Mentone Grammar who were good competition. The scores were 1-0, we won! Mentone had plenty of opportunities to score but our excellent defense held up. The star players of the match were Charlee, Tori, Alison & Sarah. The highlight of the game was our first goal for the day, which was a result of great teamwork.  Score: Win 1-0

Round 4: KHPS vs Cheltenham Primary School

Cheltenham were a great team, the first half was tight and they scored the first goal of the match just after half time. We quickly regrouped and scored the equalizer and were unlucky not to score a second soon after. We were happy to come back and end up with a draw.  Score: Draw 1 – 1

Round 5: KHPS vs Mentone Girls Grammar School

Our next game was against MGGS who were a very good team. They scored an amazing goal in the first half, clearly beating our defense. After this KHPS stood tall and took control of the game. Our girls played their hearts out and finally scored the equalizing goal, however it was after the siren and did not count, an unlucky but fair call. Although we lost we probably played our best match of the day so far. The stars of the game were Ava and Fotini.  Scores: Loss 0 – 1

Round 6: KHPS vs Stella Maris

We were pumped going into the match! The final scores were 2-0, we won!!! We dominated this game and could have easily scored more goals. Our midfielders were outstanding, not leaving much work for our defenders or goalie. Alison was everywhere in the first half and scored a great goal. Sarah almost scored a goal while lying on the ground. Everyone played extremely well but these were the players that stood out; Ava, Fotini, Alison, Sarah, Phelia and Tori.  Scores: Win 2-0

Round 7: KHPS vs Heatherton Christian College

Our last game was against the undefeated Heatherton Christian College. At this point, after five games, we were used to playing soccer. Our players stayed in position and were covering each other to create scoring chances. Tori made a great save at the start of the game in goals. Phoebe and Sienna G. were our best players on field. We encouraged each other a lot, this made us try harder. We didn’t know we were playing the best team but we worked hard and didn’t let them score a goal. We had a few chances to score but couldn’t quite. The final score was 0-0. We think we did great, our best team effort of the day to finish.  Score: Draw 0 – 0


We finished the day with two wins, two draws and two losses. Everyone contributed to a great team performance and the day was fantastic. Well done KHPS Girls Soccer Team.