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Principal’s Welcome


Welcome to Kingston Heath Primary School!

Kingston Heath Primary School offers students a caring and nurturing learning environment. Our dedicated and experienced staff provide a challenging and engaging program, which focuses on appreciating the individual needs and interests of every child.

Our school vision states that:

At Kingston Heath Primary School, a quality learning environment gives students, staff and the community confidence to strive for excellence as active and positive members of a global village.

We can’t do this alone. It is a joint responsibility of students, staff, parents and the community, to work in partnership towards the collective success for all. When the community works together for a common purpose, greatness can be achieved.

Our students are provided with an extensive curriculum with the focus on the needs of the individual child, in a collaborative and cooperative environment. Specialist programs consist of Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Italian. These programs enrich the curriculum, which is developed to deliver the best possible outcomes for all students in a safe, caring and nurturing environment. The academic growth and well-being of all students is our focus.

We are unique in our area as we offer an international curriculum through the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Program (PYP) and we are a member of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program (SAKGP). Our spacious grounds cater for a range of recreational activities from active to passive play; there is space for everyone! Our lunchtime clubs program supports student’s wellbeing and promotes engagement for all.

Our website provides you with a general overview of what Kingston Heath Primary School has to offer, including curriculum, policies and programs.

I invite you to contact the school if you wish to learn more or arrange a school tour.

Megan Dell
Acting Principal


Information Booklet

The School Information Booklet will provide you with all the information you need about Kingston Heath Primary School.

KHPS Mission Statement

At Kingston Heath Primary School,  a quality learning environment gives students, staff and the community confidence to strive for excellence as  active and positive members of a global village.


KHPS Philosophy

Kingston Heath Primary School has a focus on learning through Inquiry, which is embedded in a culture of collaboration and has a strong focus on results. Learning becomes engaging, relevant, challenging and significant when students ask questions and become involved in their own education.

IB Learner Profile

As learners at KHPS we strive to be…

INQUIRERS Curious! We learn the skills to find out things for ourselves. We like to learn.

KNOWLEDGEABLE We explore concepts and ideas that are important to us and to the whole world. We learn lots of things in lots of areas.

THINKERS We think for ourselves to make decisions and to be creative when solving problems.

COMMUNICATORS We understand and express ideas and information; confidently, creatively, and in more than one language. We work well with others.

OPEN-MINDED We understand our own culture and history, and are willing to learn from others who are different. We listen to different points of view and learn from them.

CARING We are kind and respectful and try not to hurt others’ feelings. We try to make a positive difference in other people’s lives and in the world.

COURAGEOUS We think about new things and then bravely try them out. We stand up for what we believe.

BALANCED We understand that we need to use our bodies, brains and feelings.

REFLECTIVE We think about what we have learnt and done. We know what we are good at and what we need to get better at.

Our School Pledge

Students, staff and parents commit to the school’s pledge at Monday afternoon’s assembly each week.


I am proud to be an Australian.

I respect Kingston Heath Primary School as a place to learn and grow,

By being honest, trustworthy and fair to all I know,

To show friendship and kindness to all I meet,

Through co-operation, having fun and working hard each day of the week.

I will strive to be the best I can be, so that we all can succeed in our school family.


The pledge is an important part of our school and was developed in co-operation with the principal, the Junior School Council, the students, staff and the parents.