Interschool sports Round 1 2018

Heatherton Christian College vs KHPS
Friday 16th Feb

Hot Shots Tennis
Doubles H.C.C. Win, Singles – Draw
Double: H.C.C. 4 – 1 KHPS – Lost
Singles: H.C.C. 5 – KHPS – Draw

Today on the 16th of February, K.H.P.S. went to Heatherton Christian College. We got on the bus at 9:15 sharp and got there around 9:30. The Tennis Team won overall. The score were: Singles: 5-5 Draw. Doubles: 4-1 win to K.H.P.S. Some Highlights in doubles were, Cooper and Jamie – four to three, Seb and Dean – four to two, Rafic and Ellias – four to zero and Nick and Michael – Four to Zero. Good job to everyone that won and good job to everyone that played!

The players in the tennis team were Seb A, Michael B, Raphael C, Cooper F, Jamie J, Rafic T, Ellias S, Jemiah S, Jack S, Justin H, Tom B, Taige D, Jayden H and Taz B. Special thanks to Mr Hewitt for coaching us!

Cricket – Mixed
H.C.C. 60 – 177 KHPS – Win

On Friday, the 16th of February, K.H.P.S played their first Inter-School match for the Mixed Cricket Team. We played against Heatherton Christian College.The scores were 177 runs – 60 runs, with K.H.P.S. winning the game.Our captain for the day was Lenny. We batted first. Opening the batting was Adam and Archie, they set the standards high by getting a heap of fours and sixers. After the batting we had a score of 177 runs with nobody out. Some memorable batting moments were: Lenny posting an amazing 12 off one ball and Archie making forty runs. Also, some memorable fielding moments were: Lucas taking a great catch, the first catch of the game and Luca taking two catches. Thank you to everyone that came and the parents who cheered us on. All in all it was the best way to start the season.

Cricket Squad:Alistair A, Lachie B, Taine B, Jude C, Luca G, James H, Lucas S, Adam S, Lenny W

Cricket – Girls
NA – Bye

Volley Stars – Girls
Draw 1-1
H.C.C. 18 – 21 KHPS Win
H.C.C. 17 – 14 KHPS Loss

On the 16 of February, K.H.P.S played Heatherton Christian College. We played Girls Volley Stars.We won the first set 21 to 18 and lost the second set 14 to 17. Unfortunately we didn’t have time for a third round so it was a draw. Special thanks to Maddy, Kia and Evelina for stepping to to help the Girls Team. Allegra had a great game and tried really hard. Kia did some great surves and Evelina did some great passes. Heatherton Christian College had excellent sportsmanship. We had a lot of fun playing Heatherton Christian College.

Volley Stars – Mixed
H.C.C. Win 2-0

H.C.C. 21 – 19 KHPS Loss
H.C.C. 21 – 18 KHPS Loss

On Friday, the 16th, February, Years 5&6 got on the bus and drove to their destination for Inter-School Sport. We played against Heatherton Christian College.

The Mixed Team unfortunately lost both sets. The first round scores were 19 – 21 and the second round scores were 14 – 21. Even though we lost, we certainly had loads of fun playing the game and giving it a go.

We had lots of support while we were playing and the other team’s players had fantastic sportsmanship. Good job to Harley for the amazing serving, Ryan for a good job hitting the ball and trying his best and good job to everyone else in the Mixed Team for trying hard and cheering everyone.

We felt welcome to play, thanks to Mr. Starling that organised everything and the parents that sat on the sidelines and cheered us on. We would also like to say thanks to Mr. Ridgeway for teaching us how to play. We had lots of fun and really enjoyed it.

Many thanks from the Mixed Volleyball Team.

T-Ball – Girls
H.C.C. WIn
H.C.C. 21 – 11 KHPS Loss

K.H.PS. played Heatherton Christian College in a match of T-Ball. The scores were far off from each other. K.H.P.S 11, H.C.C 24, We were still proud, we lost by 13 runs, but we tried our best.

It was a windy and cold day but it was still fun. Everyone had great sportsmanship and great attitude. Most people on our team got home runs. Even though some people didn’t get a home run, we were still very proud of everyone.

In our team we have: Ainslie, Olivia, Jenny, Simran, Paige, Eliza, Emily, Mia and Jaycinta. We all tried our very best, for our first game we think we did very well.

We would like to thank Mr Horn for coaching us through our first match. We would also like to thank Heatherton Christian College for letting us use their field.

T-Ball – Mixed
H.C.C. 5 – 24 1 KHPS Win

On the 16th of February, Kingston Heath played Heatherton Christian College. Mixed T-Ball did a fantastic job. Heatherton played very well. The stars of the match were Hayley, with her great fielding, Charlie with his good batting, Phelia with her great batting and Sarah with her outstanding fielding. The scores at the end were 24-5, we played well and so did the other team. K.H.P.S. had great sportsmanship and had a great win. A big thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Fielden for being a great coaches.


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February 21, 2018