2018 Interschool Sports – Round 2 KHPS vs Cheltenham East PS

Friday 2nd March

Hot Shots Tennis
Doubles H.C.C. Win, Singles Win
Double: CEPS – A win: 8-0 KHPS
Singles: CEPS – A win: 7 – 1 KHPS
On the second of March, KHPS played Cheltenham East in Hot Shots Tennis. Cheltenham beat KHPS in singles by six to one and K.H.P.S. lost in doubles by eight to zero. Overall it was a fun game everyone had a good time and there was a lot of fair sportsmanship. Cheltenham East played well and so did K.H.P.S. It was a great day and everyone had a great time.

Cricket – Mixed
CEPS A 153 – 132 KHPS
On the 2nd of March, Kingston Heath played Cheltenham East at home. When Cheltenham East got here, we were all ready so we did the coin toss. We won the toss and chose to bat. We started off a bit slow but got going very quickly. We ended up making 132. We started bowling and we were doing really good until they started hitting non-stop sixes and fours. They ended up making 153 and unfortunately we lost. We would just like to thank Cheltenham East for their good spirit.

Cricket – Girls
CEPS A 110 – KHPS 85
On Friday the 2nd of March, K.H.P.S. played Cheltenham East Primary School for Inter-School sports. We played Girls Cricket and tried our absolute best against the tough side; unfortunately they out-scored us with the run total of 110-85.
Some of the highlights were: Keira’s awesome catch, Jade’s direct hit, Tori, Martha, Sachi and Ciara’s bowling, Martha’s batting, Tori’s 6 and 10 down the ground, everyone’s enthusiasm and encouragement.
For future games and the Lightning Premiership we need to work on our bowling because it wasn’t up to scratch with the other team.

Volley Stars – Girls
CEPS – A – WIN 2-0
CEPS – A. 21 – 3 KHPS
CEPS – A 17 – 11 KHPS
On Friday, the 2nd of March 2018, K.H.P.S. set up the nets and played a game of volleyball against Cheltenham East Primary School. The girls team played second and lost the first set 21-3, they did win by a lot, but we had a lot of fun and tried really hard. We also lost the second set, 17-11, but again we had a lot of fun and dug deep. The other team had fantastic sportsmanship and politely respected our rules. We would like to thank the other team’s coach for helping out. We would also like to thank Katy for keeping score.

Volley Stars – Mixed
CEPS -A Win 2-0
CEPS – A 13 – 11 KHPS
CEPS – A 17 – 11 KHPS
Hi, my name is Aiden and my name is Harley. We’re here to tell you about Volleyball. We played against Cheltnamham East. We lost both sets 13-11 then 17-11. We tried very hard but they were too good. Harley and I played really well as did the team. We all tried our best but weren’t quite good enough to win.

T-Ball – Girls
C.E.P.S. ‘A’ WON
KHPS 12 – 18 CEPS-A
On the 2nd of March, the girls T-Ball Team played Cheltenham East Primary School. We tried our best to win the game but unfortunately we lost the game by 6 home runs. Now let’s get on to the good stuff. The highlights of the game were us cheering on to our teammates, Ainslie’s huge hits, Jenny and Maia’s fast fielding and everyone’s encouragement.
Our team chant is … 2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate, batter, batter, in the box, go
Jenny, Eliza, Emily, Olivia, Simi, Paige, Maia, Ainslie and Jacinta

T-Ball – Mixed

KHPS 12 – 9 CEPS-A