Winter Interschool Sports Report - Round 4: KHPS vs Le Page

Written by students

On Friday 22nd May, the Year Five and Six students from Kingston Heath Primary School played round four game of the Winter Interschool Sports against Le Page Primary School. It was our third game. We played at home but LePage only had a mixed Netball team and a soccer team, so softball played a game with each other which was held at 50 acres and netball, soccer and football were held at Kingston Heath Primary School. Football played a game of AFL 9’s amongst themselves. After such a great day of Iterschool sport, we can’t wait to play our next game in Round Five next week!

Netball: On Friday, we were prepared to play Le Page in netball.They only had one team so we decided to split Kingston Heaths netball teams into two teams.

Softball: On Friday, we played softball, but unfortunately there was no softball team at Le Page so instead we versed a mixed group with players from both teams in each team. First round we pitched and the other team got 2 points. When we batted, we got 5 points so we were winning by 3, then they got 3 more points and we finished the match by getting 5 more points again! At the end, both teams did well improving their skills in softball! 

Soccer:  This morning we all woke up excited for for today’s game against Le Page. Le Page started off with the ball. In the first ten minutes of the game Alfie scored, then 3  minutes later they scored. The game was 4 quarters in total. 1 quarter had passed so we came back on the pitch. On the second quarter, Alfie crossed the ball to Finn and he had a shot and scored then they scored and we were very frustrated, so far it was 2-2. After, Alfie scored but it didn’t count because he was offside. We weren’t too happy about that decision. After that the quarter finished and we had some juicy, tasty oranges. Then the third quarter began and Alfie scored. We were all happy about that goal because we were winning. About six minutes later Alfie scored again, after that the quarter finished. Finally, the last quarter began, everyone was tired already in Le Page but Kingston Heath was not tired so we scored another goal. Then the game finished.

AFL Football: As Le Page Primary didn’t have a team last Friday, the Kingston Heath football team played a game of AFL 9s on the school oval. Some of the highlights were Harrison’s 2 goals, Brodie’s passion for the ground and our ability to share the ball between the zones. We look forward to our next game against Cheltenham Primary this Friday.

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