Winter Interschool Sports Report - Round 3: KHPS vs Southmoor

Written by students

On Friday 12th May, the Year Five and Six students from Kingston Heath Primary School played round three of the Winter Interschool Sports. It was our second game. We played at home so the softball and football games were held at 50 acres and netball and soccer were held at Kingston Heath Primary School. After such a great day of Interschool Sport, we can’t wait to play our next game in Round Four next week!

Netball Girls: We played against Southmoor. We won by 3 goals. The scores were pretty close. We all had heaps of fun playing against such a friendly school. Well done to Maddie, Elise and Taylor for getting all of our goals. Well done also to the rest of the team for putting in 110%. Let’s hope we can win our next game and make it to the next stage.

Netball Mixed: When we got to school we were pumped and ready to win. After the teachers called the roll we got up on the netball court. We did some passing drills until the Southmoor team got here. When the Southmoor team arrived we got our bibs on and started. In the first quarter, we played hard and it payed off, we were in the lead. In the second quarter we were still in the lead but we had lost our best shooter, Jeffery to the other team for the quarter, so we didn’t get nearly as many goals as we did in the first quarter. In the third quarter, Phoebe went to the other team and Georgia became centre. She would usually pass to Tillie because she was open and she had been playing the game for a while. In the last quarter we played our hardest and ended up winning 13 to 0.The highlights were Jeffery’s awesome shots and getting told we had won 13 to 0.

Softball Girls: Today we played softball against Southmoor. The score was 1-5, we lost. Some of the highlights were the support from both teams, Anna T getting our only home run and all the fun we had. A few things we could improve on are our fielding and our pitching. A big thanks to our captain Kylie and our coach Ms Wheatley.

Softball Mixed: Today was a big day. Everyone was so excited to play. Jonathan was our  captain for the week. The game was five to six, even though we lost we had the time of our lives. We all learned something new from pitching to throwing. Thank-you to our wonderful couch Mrs Darby.

Soccer: Today we played Southmoor. The highlights were Alfie scoring the first goal in less than 10 minutes, Logan’s great save, Alfie’s second goal, Finn’s great pass, Nikki and Sai’s great defending and Joel refusing to go off the field after getting pushed badly. We lost 5-2, but we showed great skill and sportsmanship.

AFL Football: We arrived at 50 acres with adrenalin running through our bodies and ready to play. We had the oval ready and the goal posts up. Only 30 seconds after we set up they were there. We had to lend 3 players to their team because they were short of players. The ball had been thrown up and I (Angus) was the tallest player on the field so we had an advantage. It was full time and we won 16-8- 104 to 2-4-16.

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