Winter Interschool Sports Report - Round 2

Written by students

On Friday the 8th May, Year Five and Six students from Kingston Heath Primary School headed down to Stella Maris Primary School and Banksia Reserve for Round Two of Winter Interschool Sports. It was only our first game as we were away on camp in Round One. We played away so the Softball and Football games were held at Banksia Reserve in Beaumaris and Netball and Soccer were held at Stella Maris Primary School. After such a great start for interschool sport, we can’t wait to play our next game in Round Three next week!

Netball Girls: The results for netball Girls were 10 all. Stella Maris had 2 teams; a main team and a second team. We played the main team in the first half and we played the second team in the second half. We were three goals down at half time but we came back in the second half and drew. Some of the highlights were Eve, Anna.N and Elise’s defending, Charlotte and Tillie’s running and Maddie and Taylor’s shooting. On behalf of the netball girls team we would like to thank Tillie for filling in for us and Mr. Smethurst for coaching us.

Netball Mixed: On May 8th Kingston Heath Netball Mixed played Stella Maris. The people on the team where Phoebe, Georgia, Cassidy, Dakota, Jeffery, Jenna, Rhys and Tillie, but Tillie played Netball Girls because they were short. Stella had only had one court so we had to play volleyball while we waited. Then it was our turn. We went on and we got our spots and it was good because most of us got what we wanted. For many, it was our first game so we were a bit lost. For a half we also played their top team so it was tough. We will practise more until we get it right. Jenna got our first goal for the game which was great.

Softball Girls: We played a nice friendly game of Softball. We were really good at fielding but we need to practise our batting more. Stella Maris won 7 to 4, but we tried our best. We would like to give special thanks to our amazing player Jenny for still playing when she was badly injured, our extraordinary batter Reachell and everyone on the team for representing K.H.P.S. and doing it with such skill. Let’s not forget to thank our spectacular coach Mrs. Darby!!!

Softball Mixed: The final score was eight all. The highlights were when Jono hit a home run, Thomas nearly catching someone out, and Ainslee’s amazing pitching. We could have improved on our fielding and communication.

Soccer: Today against Stella Maris, Kingston Heath lost 3-2 with hard luck. K.H.P.S. kicked two goals, one by Alfie and one was kicked by Stella Maris! The end of the first half looked good for K.H.P.S. as we were leading 1-nil. Some of the highlights were: David and Logan’s great keeping, Harry’s strength and Oisin’s great teamwork by passing and moving the ball. Some of the highlights in the second half were: Sai’s great clearing, Chloe’s great ball movement, Nikki being courageous after being tripped a few times and getting hurt without whining and Anthony being quick. So overall we did well and hopefully we will do even better next week.

AFL Football: In AFL Stella Maris scored the first, second and third goal. Then Brodie kicked a goal for us, and then another one. Then Noah A scored a point and made a tackle. The highlights were Brodie’s goals, Angus’s tackle, Seb’s amazing mark and Jaymie’s kicking. The final score was 88 to 16, we lost. The team played really well and thanks to Stella Maris for lending us 4 players from their team.

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