Winter Interschool Sport Report – Round 6, 2016

Today we played Round 6 of interschool sport against Stella Maris Primary School. It was an away game which meant that soccer and netball were played at Stella Maris and football was played at Beaumaris Football Ground. As there wasn’t enough space, softball was played here on the oval.


Netball Girls: Today was an exciting day as we walked into Stella Maris Primary School.  We were excited to play a fabulous game of girls’ netball. This game was different because they only had 1 court, so we had to keep taking turns between netball girls and netball mixed. Unfortunately we lost 11-0, but it was still an amazing game with many highlights including Jenna and Stephanie’s awesome defending, Phoebe’s amazing running all over the courts, Sofia and Jenny’s great running, Anatoshia’s fantastic passing and the entire team’s great sportsmanship and teamwork. Special thanks to Bruce, Mr Martin and Mr Mac.


Netball Mixed: Today was a bright but cold day as the netball mixed boys and girls walked onto the Stella Maris netball court for the sixth round of interschool sports. Some of the highlights were Phoebe and Jeffrey’s shooting, Tess’ intercepts and Charlee’s passing. The score was 1 to 10 and we won. A special thanks to Mr Jamieson for coaching us.


Softball Girls:  It was a great feeling today as we were actually playing on the oval at Kingston Heath. We battled hard against the glare of the sun. We played one innings. Laiba got the first home run and Rebekah got one as well. Alannah batted last and got two people home. Valeria showed great courage as pitcher for the first time and did a wonderful job. Danah was catcher for the first time, and Elana and Alannah also had the role of catcher. The final score was 4 to 8. Thanks to Lachie and Lisa for great coaching today.


Softball Mixed: It was a very good game today because we’re awesome and we won! Harrison did a fantastic job as last batter by hitting a game winner, making it safe to first base so that the players on bases were all home which resulted in KHPS winning by one point. Arwen got hit by the ball a couple of times but kept playing, and caught someone out. Jacob also caught someone out. It was a special game for Jonah and Kelly who both had their first home run. At the end of the first innings it was 3 all. The final score was 9 to 8.


Soccer: It was a dark and cloudy morning but we went out with a bang! The final results we’re 5-0. We won the match thanks to Mr Jamieson’s coaching, David’s goalkeeping and the rest of the team. We had an amazing soccer match. Thanks to Louis for helping us.


AFL Football: KHPS lost by a couple of goals in a really good game on a massive oval. Everybody was exhausted because we ran hard and attacked the ball hard. Special mentions to Max, Noah O, Kya, Ava and Nadav. Zak and Alicia were great in the ruck. Tom and Brodie kicked our goals.

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