Tree Day 2015 - Level 4

Kingston Heath Reserve

On Friday 24th July it was Schools Tree Day. The Years 5 and 6 students went to Kingston Heath Reserve to plant trees with Kingston City Council.  Year 5A and Year 5/6A planted one hundred and ninety seedlings in forty minutes, including Dusky Bells (Correa), White Correa (Correa Alba) and Lilac Hibiscus (Alyogyne Huegelii).  Year 6A planted one hundred and sixty Lomandra (Longifolia X Confertifolia) seedlings in fifteen minutes.

These plants are native to Australia so they are suitable to our environment and climate, in particular they don’t require much water so they are drought tolerant.  The Kingston City Council workers were most impressed with the skills and speed at which our students completed the task, as well as their positive attitude and excellent manners.

Kingston Heath Primary School has a long tradition of planting with Kinston City Council at Kingston Heath Reserve on Schools Tree Day. Our Environmental Captain, Nikki L, and our Garden Captain, Jaymie G, thanked them, once again, for involving our students in planting for Schools Tree Day, to which Kingston Heath Council responded by saying they look forward to planting with us again in 2016!

Thanks to everyone involved in organising the day, and to Mrs Marriott for coming along to help!

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