Summer Interschool Sport Report – Round 4

KHPS vs Cheltenham East
Introduction: On the 3rd of February, Kingston Heath hosted Cheltenham East for the 4th round of Interschool Sports. T Ball went down to 50 Acres and cricket, volleyball and tennis stayed at the school. The weather was cloudy and dry, it was warm and good weather to play sport. Everyone enjoyed their games and everyone had smiles on their faces.
Kanga Cricket Girls: It was a great game filled with so much joy and everyone cheered on each other. We were chanting and singing while the batters and bowlers tried their best. Some of the highlights were Keira and Ciara’s 37 runs, Martha and Phelia’s amazing bowling and Tori’s fielding skills that paid off. We would like to give a big thanks to Sienna and Jessica’s mums for coming and supporting us.
Kanga Cricket Mixed: In Kanga Cricket Mixed we won by 106 to 136. We started off the day with a warm up by practicing catches and bowling. The highlights of the day were Mehdi’s batting, Brodie’s catches, Nadav’s wicket keeping and our all-round sportsmanship. We would like to thank Ava’s mum for coming and the Chelt East teacher that umpired.
Volleyball Girls: Chelt East only had 10 players which were year 5’s because the Year 6’s were playing another game somewhere else. We had 24 players for our volleyball team, 13 of them were the girl’s team and 11 of them were the mixed team. 2 of our players had to join the mixed and girls team because they didn’t have enough players. The first game we played we won, the scores were 18-16, the second game we lost 10-15, then the third game we won 15-7. So overall we won the whole game! It was a great day and really nice to play against them.
Volleyball Mixed: In our first round the scores were 15 to 9 and we won! In our second round we also won, the scores were 15 to 13. This was a shock to us because we have not won a match yet. Amelia and Katy, displayed great sportsmanship and had to go on the other team, because they did not have enough players on their team to play.
Tennis: In Tennis, Cheltenham East put up a challenge for K.H.P.S. It was very close all day. After the singles games it was 5 all, with Chelt East proving just too strong in the doubles and finally winning 8 -7 overall.  Sarthak won by four to one. Though Jonathan tried his best but the other boy prove too much for him he lost by one to four. Many thanks to Archie’s mum for coming to watch our games.
T Ball Mixed: The T Ball Mixed team played at 50 Acres for the last time this term. We had a great game and we won against Cheltenham East 13 – 5. The highlights of the game were Arwen’s home run in the first innings which brought two people home, Bailey’s amazing catch and the great improvement in our fielding and batting. Cheltenham East were a good opponent and put up a good fight. Thanks to Andrew Freese for helping and bringing the team mascot Riley. We all had loads of fun and we can’t wait until our next game against Cheltenham.
T Ball Girls: The T Ball girls’ team played down at 50 Acres on Friday. We had an enjoyable game playing Cheltenham East, and we won against them with a score of 12-2. The highlight of the game was when Elana and Valeriia got 3 people out heading to home base (including 2 in a row.) We would like to thank Andrew Freese for helping out because if it weren’t for him we wouldn’t have been able to play, and, of course, for bringing Riley. We all had a fun and enjoyable time and are excited for our next game against Cheltenham.

Kanga Cricket Girls: K.H.P.S. won 116 – 78

Kanga Cricket Mixed: K.H.P.S. won 136 – 106

Volleyball Girls: K.H.P.S. won 18 – 16, 10 – 15 , 15 – 7

Volleyball Mixed: K.H.P.S. won  15 – 9, 15 – 10 , 12 – 15

T Ball Mixed: K.H.P.S. won 15 – 4

T Ball Girls: K.H.P.S. won 12 – 2

Tennis: K.H.P.S. lost 8 – 7

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