Summer Interschool Sport Report

Round 3, 2016

On Friday 19th February, the Year Five and Six students from Kingston Heath Primary School headed to Southmoor Primary School to play Round Three of interschool sports. It was an away game which meant Tee-ball was played at Bricker Reserve, and Volleystars, Hot Shots Tennis and Kanga Cricket were played at Southmoor Primary School. After such a great start for interschool sport, we cannot wait to play Round Four!

Kanga Girls: Southmoor won the game today with a final score of 123 to 93. This was an excellent result as we played against boys who play cricket regularly and we were able to hold our own. One of the highlights of the game was when Ainslee hit a six and everyone was cheering loudly. We have improved our hitting off the cone and our bowling. We’re working on backing each other up when fielding next week.


Kanga Boys: The team was feeling excited about versing Southmoor. The most exciting highlight of the game was David’s amazing catch. The team is better at communicating and calling for the ball. We are working on encouraging our team mates. The final scores were Kingston Heath 212 to Southmoor 86.


Tee-ball Girls: It was our second game of Tee-ball and we were versing Southmoor. After the disappointing loss against Chelt East, we expected a win. Some of our highlights were Sereniti’s catch on second base, and when Elana was batting she accidentally threw the bat and it hit another person but luckily the person didn’t get hurt. Our overall score was 12 – 4. We lost but it was a great match. We learnt that we have to work on our fielding. We can’t wait for our next game.


Volleystars: The volleystars were pumped to redeem ourselves from last week’s loss. We loss 31 to 8 but Fontini was fantastic at catching the ball and Kelly was great at serving in the mixed game. The girls volleystars were playing on a court that was half the size of a normal court so we kept serving too far out. We learnt that we had to work on getting the ball over the net because lots of the serves bought their unstable net to the ground. We’d like to thank Southmoor, Mr Jameson  and the parent umpires for a really fun and fair game.


Hot Shots Tennis: It was Southmoor’s home game and they scored 21 to Kingston Heath 21. A draw! Jeffrey was in a rally that went for 10 shots against a Southmoor player which was pretty impressive. Our players have improved on our teamwork when playing doubles. We need to work on not hitting the ball too hard to avoid the ball going out of the court.

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