Summer Interschool Sport Report - Round 3

KHPS vs Southmoor
Introduction: On the 24th February, Kingston Heath Primary School hosted Southmoor. T-Ball played at 50 Acres, while tennis, cricket and the volleyball teams played at the school. It was a really nice day to play sport and by the look on peoples’ faces after their games, they really enjoyed it. Everyone is excited for the next round of interschool sport, next Friday where we will play Cheltenham East at home once more.
Kanga Cricket Girls:Everyone was super pumped and ready to start the match after an eventful training session the day before. Tori was so excited, she was drinking her water while laughing at Sienna and it came out of her nose!

KHPS started off bowling, since we won the toss with our captain, Emma, up first. She did very well and tried her best. Next was Jade, who also did extremely well. Tori bowled a great ball, which hit the stumps causing the batter to lose 5 runs, as did Sienna. Phelia was the star who clean bowled the batter twice in a row, which was absolutely outstanding! Martha and Jeanette bowled the final two overs and our team fielded very well with lots of encouragement.

We batted second. Jadey and Naomi  opened, followed by Ciara and Jeanette, all doing very well. Last week’s star, Martha came in next, accompanied by Em, who smashed all the balls with the highlight being Martha’s big six! We were in a bit of trouble with the last pair needing to score big, for us to have any chance. Jess and Tori came in and hit the ball everywhere. They tried their absolute best and scored a massive 63 of only 12 balls.

The final score saw K.H.P.S. win by 1 run, 106 to 105.

Good job girls!

Kanga Cricket Mixed: Jacob hit a couple big sixes and Brodie hit the ball so far, it almost got Mr. Starling on the other field who was umpiring. Luca and Nadav were amazing bowlers and Mehdi and Sienna were outstanding wicket keepers. Unfortunately, Ava was out with a sore back, but that didn’t stop us from doing our best. The scores were 190 to 99 in our favour.
Volleyball Girls:The girls team played their second game of volleyball. They played really well. In the first set they narrowly lost 16-14! At one stage it was 14 all, so it was a close set. In the next set, K.H.P.S. only just lost again, 17-15. In both sets we only got beaten by 2 points! It was an amazing round! Congratulations to Southmoor and well done to K.H.P.S..
Volleyball Mixed: The Mixed Team played their second game and played very well. Unfortunately, K.H.P.S. lost by 3-0 sets. Here are the sets: First set – 15-12. Second set – 15-10. Third set – 15-02.

In the game, there were lots of good serves and plays, such as Luca, with great serves and Alistair, who had a great save when one of the players missed and he hit it back over the net. There was great support on both teams. It was a great game and fun.

Tennis:K.H.P.S came up against strong opposition this week, they were very difficult and they had very good tennis skills.

The tennis courts were a little damp, the wet conditions made it a lot harder than usual but it was still fun and we were ok with the weather. Altogether we had lots of fun and thanks to Southmoor Primary School for being tough opponents for the K.H.P.S. tennis team.

T Ball Mixed: K.H.P.S. scored 20 runs and Southmoor scored 8. It was a great win, everyone played really well. Most people ran really well, because everyone got at least 1 run around all the bases. Arwen was amazing at shortstop, he saved our team lots of runs and Toby caught everything that came his way on first base.  We improved a lot on last week, especially our placement when we were batting which enabled people to get on base. Southmoor were very competitive and the game was played in a fantastic spirit.
T Ball Girls:The girls T-BALL won 15 to 5. K.H.P.S. kept making runs because all of our batters were on fire. Hayley, Sarah, Sereniti and Valeriia were great at hitting. Valeriia caught a spectacular catch. Sarah hit the ball far down right field and got two people home. Valeriia got Sarah and Hayley home with another big hit. We really enjoyed playing against Southmoor who were great sports.
Results:Kanga Cricket Girls: Won 106 – 105

Kanga Cricket Mixed: Won 190 – 99

Volleyball Girls: Lost 16 – 14, 17 – 15

Volleyball Mixed: Lost 15 – 12, 15 – 10, 15 – 2

T Ball Mixed: Won 20 – 8

T Ball Girls: Won 15 – 5

Tennis: Lost 11 – 6


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