Summer Interschool Sport Report – Lightning Premiership Round


Introduction: On the 17th March the Lightning Premiership took place. All the sports, except for volleyball, were played at Mentone Playing Fields. The volleyball teams played at Springers Leisure Centre. The weather was amazing and everyone had fun, but no one advanced to the next round which was District. Thanks the teachers for coaching, to Mr Mac for setting up the event and the parents who attended to watch. 
Kanga Cricket Girls:

Game 1: K.H.P.S. vs Stella Maris

The scores were KHPS 84 lost to Stella Maris 231

Stella Maris had a lot of boys in their team. There were only two girls and they were a very experienced cricket team. Our team went pretty well, as it was our first game and everyone played really well. Jade took a great catch and Phelia almost took a fantastic catch, which was a hard chance but she saved 4 runs. Ciara batted well, she hit a massive six over square leg. Finally, a big thank you to the parents who came to watch and support the team.


Game 2: K.H.P.S. vs Cheltenham East Primary School

The scores were KHPS 83 lost to Cheltenham East 140

It was a really good game, Cheltenham East did a lot of gymnastics and chants when they were fielding. Emma took two great catches in a row. Everyone bowled really well and there was lots of encouragement and fun by all. K.H.P.S.’s excellent fielding saved lots of runs. Martha’s dad was watching and bet her $5 if she could hit a six when batting, which she did with ease. She batted very well as did the team. Unfortunately we lost too many wickets and therefore lost the match.


Game 3: K.H.P.S. vs Southmoor Primary School

The scores were K.H.P.S. 140 lost to Southmoor 146

We played really well and were so close to winning. Some of the highlights were Ciara’s amazing bowling, who got 4 wickets in one over. Tori, who bowled really well and got one wicket. When we were batting, Jade smashed the ball to boundary many times. We have been working on our calling all season and in our final game we did very well as there were no run outs. Jess did really well with her batting because she hit a couple of fours and was well supported by Tori.  At the end of the game it was very close and Jade did some amazing fielding causing an excellent run out.


Kanga Cricket Mixed:

Mixed Cricket

Game 1: K.H.P.S. vs O.L.A.

Sienna, was captain and did a good job marshalling the troops. Some of the highlights were, Jacob bowling, who bowled on target and got 2 wickets. Brodie’s encouragement and dancing was lots of fun to watch. The whole team batted well, a great team effort. It was great to win our first game.


Game 2: K.H.P.S. vs Cheltenham PS

Nadav was captain and he was excellent in the field encouraging everyone and explaining where to go. Jack bowled well and got some vital wickets. The whole team fielded very well and there were no dropped catches. Once again a sold batting effort by the team, unfortunately it wasn’t enough as we lost the game.


Game 3: K.H.P.S. vs Mentone Grammar

Ava was captain, she was a good leader as she made sure everyone was involved and had a good time. Brodie took two great catches and everyone bowled well. When batting, Ava and Brodie made lots of runs to keep K.H.P.S. in the hunt. A big win was celebrated with a bonus highlight, when we saw a previous student who came to say hi.


Game 4: K.H.P.S. vs Cheltenham East

Gero was captain in our final game and he did well to get the tied team fired up. The last game wasn’t our best game on the scoreboard as we were well beaten by a better team. One of the highlights of the day was when we say the Milo van and got some free Milo drinks which were icy cold and refreshing after a hot day playing cricket.


Volleyball Girls:  

GAME 1: Our first game was against Cheltenham P.S. In the first set the scores were Cheltenham 17 to K.H.P.S. 15. In the second set the scores were Cheltenham 15 to K.H.P.S. 9, so we lost.

GAME 2: Our second game was against Heatherton Christian College and we drew because our first set was KHPS 26, HCC 24 and the second set was K.H.P.S. 3, HCC 5 and then we had no more time, so our points were the same at the time.

GAME 3: Our third game was against Cheltenham East. In the first set the scores were Cheltenham East 15, KHSP 13 and in the second set they were Cheltenham East 15, K.H.P.S. 10, so we lost.

GAME 4: In our final game we played Mentone Grammar. In the first set the scores were Mentone 15, KHPS 12 and in the second set the scores were Mentone 15, KHPS 11 so we lost. There were some good rallies and some great serves. We had a great time!


Volleyball Mixed:

GAME 1: Our first game was against Stella Maris. The scores were K.H.P.S. 12, 15, 5 totaling 32 points! Stella Maris scored 15, 11, 7 totaling 33 points, so they won by 1 point.

GAME 2: Our second game was against Cheltenham PS. The scores were K.H.P.S. 15, 15 totaling 30 points, and Cheltenham 4, 8 totaling 12 points. We smashed them!

GAME 3: Our third game was against Heatherton Christian College. KHPS scored 14, 15, 3 totaling 32 points. HCC scored 16, 2, 5 totaling 23 points. We ran out of time to finish the third set and the rules were if each team had won a set, whoever was in front in the third set won and they were in front so they won, even though overall we’d won more points.

Our team spirit was fantastic! We had some great captains in Alistair and Kia, who supported us during our games. We got better at passing, had some great serves, improved at returning and backing each other up. When we played Cheltenham it was an amazing feeling winning the game.



Tennis was great, everyone was hyped. There were 5 schools which competed in our division, we won 2 rounds, one against Cheltenham Primary School and the other against Heatherton Christian College. We were defeated by Southmoor and O.L.A. The highlights were Jonah’s amazing serves and, Lenny, Archie and Tyson won all their games. We made new friends, we won more games than we lost and we even got to watch the cricket and do some bowling with the Melbourne Stars representative players.


T Ball Mixed:

Our first game was against Southmoor and we won 12- 9 after being down 9 – 5 before our last innings. In our second games, O.L.A were far too good 18 – 7 but earlier in the year, they beat us 23 – 2 so we improved a lot. Our third game was a great game and we played Mentone Grammar. We won 11 – 10 in a fantastic and closely fought match. Lachie brought 3 runners in, but our teamwork in this game was outstanding and some players learnt from their mistakes which was great. Our last game was against Stella Maris  and we lost 16 – 2. Arwen took possibly the catch of the century in Right Field. We think Adam needs to learn how to use his glove, not his hand to stop the ball.  Thanks to those parents who came and supported: Cindy, Sarah, Rune, Lindy, Andrew, Josie, Sasha, Daniel and Max. A super big thanks of course to our super team mascot, Riley.


T Ball Girls:

Our first game was against H.C.C. and we lost 8 – 4 to a very good team but we played very well. Our second game was against Mentone Grammar, and in a very close game we went down 9-7.  Our third game was our only win for the day. Sarah had a fantastic game where she took an amazing catch then hit a home run with 3 runners on base. Stella Maris was our final game and they won 15 – 7. A big thanks to Adrian and Bec Fielden for being brilliant coaches throughout the Term and on Lightning Premiership Day. Also thanks to Liz Shanks who came and supported. One highlight was Val accidently hitting someone with the ball and Sarah chasing a batter half way around the diamond trying to tag her.


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