Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Update


In Kitchen this week the students cooked a delicious menu as they always do, using many ingredients from our garden including radishes and herbs. We are learning about the concept of responsibility in our Unit of Inquiry at the moment so we had a great discussion about their responsibilities during the lesson in the Kitchen and what would happen if we weren’t responsible. We are lucky to have such wonderful helpers who regularly include Mrs Azzi, Mrs Trevellyan, Mr King and a volunteer Celia – thank you so much for your help! We also had some extra visitors this week who we gently returned to the Garden.  We took their photos for you to admire!

This week’s menu was:

Pumpkin and Spinach Risotto

Carrot Galette

Crunchy Garden Salad

Pikelet and Lemon Curd


“Once again students created another wonderful and delicious meal.  I wonder how they keep doing it?”

Georgia, Year 6

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