Salvation Army Incursion

On Tuesday 22nd November, Level 4 had an incursion with The Salvation Army. We talked about communities as being a group of people who feel like they belong in that group. Some communities are our family, our school, our suburb, our online community and our global community. We talked about what caring means and how you can care for others, by asking if they’re feeling OK, making sure they’re fed and helping them in any way they need. We played ‘The Connectivity Game’, where we all stood in a circle, threw a ball of wool to each other and created a web to feel connected like a community.


We watched a video about William and Catherine Booth who started the Salvation Army in the U.K in 1965 to help poor people feel like they were worth something. In one year they provide 100,000 meals and 2,000 beds and help 500 people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. They help people who have experienced bushfires or floods. They help people who are victims of family violence. They help 1,000,000 people a year through their acts of kindness, which is equivalent to one person every 30 seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In one school day that is 840 people! They get their funding from the government and through fundraising to receive donations. They have lots of volunteers who want to help without getting paid for it. They are now all around the world, and just started in Madagascar. When they started they were a Christian organisation because being kind is a Christian value but you don’t have to be religious to help.

Our closest Salvation Army is Unit 13, 12 Garden Blv, Dingley Gardens, near the Chinese restaurant, has lots of programs and services including:

– a Youth group for 12-13 year olds starting in July next year, including multimedia, music and drama activities

– ‘Messy Church’

– a sensory garden behind their building you can visit when their centre is open

– a meal program on Tuesdays for people with special needs who don’t live with their families. Some of them have Alzheimer’s Disease or mental illness

– a work experience program

– community support services, such as emergency relief, to people who are struggling by giving them food or financial advice

– a positive lifestyle program to help with drug or gambling addictions.


How can we help?

– We can bring tins of food to school and they’ll pick them up for their Hamper of Hope

– We could also purchase a gift and put it under the tree at KMart

– We could donate to an op shop

– We could donate money

“We learnt what will make us a caring and helpful person.” Alicia C, 5/6A

“We learnt about what the Salvation Army do to help the world. We learnt about what the local Salvation Army do for the community.”  Rebekah K, 6A

Some upcoming events are:

– ‘Messy Christmas’ on Sunday 4th December at 10:30 am with a BBQ lunch and a market place with things you can make and do

– On Sunday 11th December they have Christmas Carols and refreshments from 5:30pm

– They will be singing carols with some students and have a band playing at Southland, while collecting donations. There is a stand at Southland where you can make donations

– On Friday nights they go to hotels and RSL clubs to hand out magazines, talk to people and provide activities for kids


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