Peer Mediation Incursion

By Jarli M

Last week Level 4 (Years 5 and 6) were involved in a Peer Mediation program run by Whitelion-Stride. Bec was our leader and she talked about the skills used to resolve low-level conflicts at school.

Peer mediation is designed to contribute to a positive, caring, safe and friendly school environment. The Stride Peer Mediation program helps students identify issues amongst peers and teaches students skills and guidelines for resolving low-level conflicts. Mediation opens up communication channels and allows students to discuss their problems with the guidance of mediators and come to a reasonable resolution.

The task she gave us was to go around the school and solve people in conflict. We are going to be a role model for the school. When you are solving someone’s conflict, don’t laugh at their story, be nice, listen and have good body posture.

During the program we played lots of perspective and engagement games. These games all made us think about people issues.

We also did a role play of 2 people that are in conflict and 2 mediators to solve their problem.

We also played the funny face game. You had to express the faces people use when they are in conflict or in everyday life like sad, happy, angry, depressed etc.

On the final day we did a feelings volcano. We discovered that everyone felt different about the situations that she told us and that is ok. We all support each other. We also played a new game, it’s called finger fencing. The aim of the game is to hit the other person’s knee with your finger.

Before we finish we met some friends named Ted, Taz and Lion. Ted is scared and afraid of people. Taz is crazy and gets mad when you do something mean to him or do something to annoy him, and finally Lion is not afraid to express his feelings to people in a kind way but not to hurt them.

In the end we all had fun with Bec. We played heaps of games and learnt how to be peer mediators.


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