McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park

Level 2 Excursion

This term the students have spent time exploring how to express themselves through visual arts. On Tuesday 15th  March, the Level 2s (Year 1 and 2) went to the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park to look at how artists express themselves through their work. Each year had their own guide to show them around the sculptures and explain what the artist was expressing through them. Some of the favourites were the labyrinth, the chimpanzee head, ‘Plantation’ and the emu. The absolute favourite sculpture of the day was the ‘Tree of Life.’

The students participated in an ephemeral art- this is art that only occurs once. They used objects found in nature, such as sticks and stones to make a work of art. The students also created an art work representing what they could hear around you. A big “Thank you” to all of our parent helpers. A great time was had by all.

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