Litter & Storm Water Incursion

By Nikki L

On the 26th November the Year 6’s had a litter and storm water incursion. In this incursion we learnt about litter and where it goes when caught in storm water and why it is bad to litter. We talked about what we can do to lessen the amount of litter in our community.

One of the tasks we had to do was go to the oval and rebound wall and assess the amount of rubbish in these areas. The results for my group were 36 pieces of rubbish on the oval and 37 in the rebound wall (including a shoe).

Even though I knew quite a bit on this topic this incursion has inspired me further to try to remind people of the effects it has on us and the environment. I am now trying to encourage everyone to think twice before they carelessly drop a piece of rubbish on the ground. I would also like to remind people who come to our school outside of school hours to either take their wrappers/litter home or if there is a bin to put it in. Close enough is not good enough. Even if some people slowly stop littering it can make a big difference to our world.

We have learnt a lot from this incursion.

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