Lightning Premiership Round Robin

Mr Michael Smethurst (KHPS Sports Coordinator)

On Friday 3rd June 2016, the Year 5 and 6 students participated in the Cheltenham District Sports Lightning Premiership Round Robin day. Soccer and AFL was held at Mentone Grammar playing fields in Keysborough, Netball was played at Dales Park and Softball was held at Fifty Acres. All teams played enthusiastically over the course of the day with mixed results. It was a credit to the students for their exemplary behaviour on the day.


Thank you to the teachers who helped coach, manage, umpire, score, as well as look after each of the teams on the day. Your work is greatly appreciated by the students.


The results of the day were:


Mixed AFL Football: KHPS won against Cheltenham East 8-7-55 to 5-1-31 in the first round. We played Southmoor in the second round and won 10-2-62 to 4-2-26. We won the final round against Heatherton Christian College 11-5-71 to 5-5-35. Some of the highlights were Tom’s goal from the boundary line, Georgia’s goal and Sienna and Ava’s tackling. Thank you to Mr S for coaching. Thanks to Joel and Hudson for joining our team today. A big thank goes to all the parent support we had on the day.


Soccer: In the first game we played Cheltenham and we won 3 nil. In the second game we played Southmoor and we won 9 to 0. In the third game we played Cheltenham East and lost 3 nil. In the final game against Stella Maris we won 3 nil. Thanks to Lewis for helping today, and for the grade 4 students who helped out today, Martha, Lucas, Leon and Sarah. Thank you to Mr Jameson for coaching.


Girls’ Netball: We won 2 games and lost 3. Thanks to Bruce Steel Mr Garry Martin from Le Page and Mr Mac for coaching support. Thanks to the students from Le Page for being part of our team.


Mixed Netball: We lost the first game to Cheltenham East 25 to 1. We won the second game against Heatherton Christian College 11 to 2. In the third game we won against Stella Maris 9 to 1. We played Cheltenham and lost 19 to 6. Then, we lost to OLA who won 20 to 3. We lost to Mentone Grammar 12 to 2 in the final round. We came fifth out of seven overall. Thanks to Mr Mac for coaching. Well done Jeffrey and Phoebe for great shooting and Rhys’ great defence. Great job to Tess for playing Centre all day!


Girls’ Softball: In the first round we played OLA and it was a draw, 7 all. Valeriia tried her best at pitching. In the second round we played Stella Maris and we won 7 to 3. Laiba hit a ball a long way which resulted in some home runs for KHPS. In the third round we played Mentone Girls Grammar and we lost 14 to 5. We learnt that we needed to work on our pitching so we could get people out more. Early in the day we learnt how to sneak and we improved at this in our games. Thanks to Lisa for coaching and scoring, and Mr O’Meara for cheering us on and bringing us oranges and lollies. Thanks to Mrs Marriott and Mrs Kirkwood for support too. Thanks to Rebekah, Valeriia, Cassidy, Laiba, Fotini, Sereniti and Elana who took it in turn to help Southmoor as they only had 5 players in their team.


Mixed Softball: In the first round we played OLA and we lost 3 to 6 because they were great at sneaking. In the second round we tried our sneaking out and we won against Southmoor, who were short some players so we helped them out with their fielding. Noah was impressive at applying new knowledge from the umpire and worked extremely hard with the help of Jacob who was catcher. Arwen caught two balls in the innings which made for an exciting game! Harrison did an awesome job catching from fielders and then tagging out runners on first base. Thomas got 2 homes!!! Jack got hit but he kept playing. In the third round we played Cheltenham East and it was a close game with 6 innings, ending in a score of 7 to 6, we lost by 1 run. Arwen helped out with catching and pitching throughout the last round, but Noah was a consistently strong pitcher during the day. We’re now really good at sneaking bases. Thanks to all the parents who came to watch and gave support, Mr and Mrs Freese and the team mascot, Riley the dog, Mrs Fong Lip, Mr and Mrs Cole and Mrs Funnel. All your cheering and coaching was helpful. Thanks to Ms Wheatley for supporting and scoring, we love you Ms Wheatley.


Thanks for a great day everyone!

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