The Level 4 children were busy participating in the Water Safety and Lifesaving program in the week starting Monday 2nd February at Beaumaris Lifesaving Club. A variety of wet and dry activities were ran which allowed for the unpredictability of the weather that occurred during the week.

Some of the activities were:

  • Relay races- crab, somersaults, running
  • Beach Flags
  • Learning basic First Aid – DRS ABCD = Danger, Response, Send for help, Airways, Breathing, Compression, Defibrillation
  • What’s the acronym COWS for the Response part of  First Aid; Can You Hear Me? Open Your Eyes. What’s Your Name? Squeeze My Hand
  • Reading the waves, currents, rips and tides of the water
  • Water Survival in old, long clothing
  • Different swim strokes including the Survival stroke
  • Searching on the sand and on the bottom of the water to find objects
  • Riding the Nipper boards- races
  • Beach Carnival

On Friday, the children finished off with a fun day including competitive races. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning and using new skills.

Mr Smethurst, Ms Wheatley and Mr Macdermid

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