Level 4's Market Place

We have just finished our “HOW WE ORGANISE OURSELVES” Unit of Inquiry.


To give the students hands on experience, we created a Level 4 market place. The children were cast in the role as producers in groups of 2 or 3, and as consumers.


As producers, they created a product that they thought the other students would purchase. The choice of what they made was dependent on several factors:

* What they thought other students would want to purchase. They used surveys and their own opinions.

* Resources available: They could only use items from the Art Room and RECYCYLED materials brought from home. They only had to produce one item, but it had to be made to a high standard.

* How much they would charge their customers.


As consumers they were given a limited amount of (pretend) money on a debit card to spend. Students could buy as many products as they wished, provided they do not exceed the limit on the card.


They kept a journal, explaining the decisions they made both as a producer and a consumer and what difficulties they encountered. On the day of the market the students recorded what they sold and what they bought. They reflected on the whole experience and commented on how successful they were as producers and what changes they would make if they did it again. They also commented on what they bought and why they made that choice.


Here’s some information about some of the Year 6 market stalls.

PRODUCTS: We made six posters, we then coloured each one in different colours. We made an origami Yoda too. (Logan)


SALES: Our sales results at the first market was $81 and our sales result at the second was $35. (Joel)


WE LEARNT: As a producer, I think that the time we had to pencil and ink the poster was a tad rushed because we actually lost the first poster so we had to finish ALL the poster work in forty minutes which was hard. (Mason)
ACTION: The action I am going to take is to buy fair trade products to stop dairy farmers, cocoa farmers and gold miners from going bankrupt with the greedy corporations. (Joel)

PRODUCTS: We made a pillow, a colour-in-your-own postcard and stress balls.


SALES: Overall we made a total of $126. At the 6A market we made a total of $109 and at the Year 5 market we made a total of $15.


WE LEARNT: As producers we learnt that market research was an important strategy to succeed. As consumers we learnt that you have to consider what you buy, carefully, since it has a negative impact on the environment.


ACTION: I am going to watch “The Story of Solutions”, “The Story of Change” and “The Story of Broke”. (Alannah)

I will think about what I want before I buy it. (Rebekah)

I have talked to my parents about “The Story of Stuff”.  (David)

PRODUCTS: We made:

– a hand-sewn pencil case

– book marks that we had shaped into Emojis


SALES: We got a lot of customers, mainly coming for the bookmarks. We got $77 from year 6s and we got $101 from Year 5s which showed our improvement on the second day.


WE LEARNT: We learnt about the whole process of consuming and producing and how it relates to our environment. We also learnt the meaning of some economic terms. Being a producer and consumer can be fun, stressful and satisfying.


ACTION: Now that we know “The Story of Stuff” we will be more careful about what we buy and look for things that we would really use. We will also look for things that are Fairtrade and things that can be recycled. (Cassidy, Avanti and Rhys)


  • Handbag
  • Scarf
  • Headband
  • Purse
  • Stress ball game


SALES: The most popular product at our store was “The Stress Ball” game, the second was the scarf, then last was the handbag and the purse.


WE LEARNT: I learnt that being a consumer is much easier than being a producer because you have to do more stuff to make the product and then present it to people at the shop, that’s why I like being a consumer more than a producer. (Laiba)

I learnt that being a consumer was fun because it teaches us what to do in the future, like taking action about what you look for, see and buy. (Ainslee)

What I learnt about being a consumer is that you need to have a good look to see if it’s worth buying, and if it has no toxic waste. (Jeffrey)


ACTION: The action that I took was thinking because when I was looking at different items I was thinking, “Is this product worth buying?” (Jeffrey)

PRODUCT: Squishy balls (Crushers)


SALES: On day one we sold to 6A, selling crushers to 12 people and making $56. On day two we sold to all of the Year 5s, selling to fifteen people, sold 32 crushers and made $54.


WE LEARNT: I learnt a lot from being a producer and a consumer. As a producer I learnt there are many things that producers do to get us to buy their product that we don’t realise and that everyone has a budget. As a consumer I realised that we can’t always buy everything we want, but our needs are a top priority. (Andres)

I learnt heaps from being a producer and consumer. As a producer I learnt that you can’t always make and sell what you want and sometimes you have to make what the consumers want, even if you don’t like it. As a producer I learnt that there is a lot that can determine what you buy. (Hudson)


ACTION: My action would be to buy things that I know won’t affect the world in a bad way and to buy Fair Trade products even if the product is more expensive than the other one. My other action would be to more careful with who I buy from and to see if they are just doing this for money and not thinking of their impact on the world. (Andres)

PRODUCTS: Henna Design Jar: $8                    Juggling balls: $2 each                         Combo: $12


SALES: On the first day when we sold at the year six market, we made $52 and on the second day when we sold to the year fives, we made $68 dollars which overall was $120. We are extremely happy with our sales and we believe that we did well.


WE LEARNT: I learnt to as a producer that there is always a lot of competition with different stalls so people change prices and make them lower or higher so people will come to their stall and buy their products. (Danah)

As a consumer I learnt that consumers are very different to producers as they make decisions about whether to buy a product and if it’s good enough for them and if they will use it. I never knew that because I never think if I would use it. (Danah)


As a producer, I have learnt that sellers have many responsibilities. They need to make sure that their products are appealing to consumers, sold at reasonable prices and of good quality. I have also learnt that advertising plays a big role in a consumer’s decision. Producers need to make sure that the advertising for their product is extremely persuasive. (Vanessa)

As a consumer, I have learnt that it can be very difficult to decide which product to purchase. Before buying an Item, a consumer has to think about the price, the quality and about whether the product will be used. (Vanessa)


ACTION: The action I will take is when I go shopping and I will think about whether I would I use the product and if the product is worth buying at this price, so I don’t go home and never use the product. (Danah)

Whenever I would like to buy an item I will consider many things, other than how appealing it looks. I will only buy a product if it is priced reasonably, of good quality and if I know that I will use it. (Vanessa)

PRODUCTS: We made a Relaxation Kit. It included a squishy stress ball, a mini pillow, a sleeping mask and bookmarks.


SALES: Altogether we made $250.


WE LEARNT: I learnt how to make a survey on Google Forms (Chloe).

I learnt how to deal with competition and when people lower their prices, you can promise them you will do the chicken dance, or something funny instead of lowering your price! (Tejana)

I learnt how there is a type of cycle where the producer and a consumer rely on each other for money.


ACTION: From now on I am going to think before I buy and I have told my parents about Fair trade and they have decided to buy farmers’ milk. (Phoebe)

I will be more aware of the food I buy and whether it is healthy for our environment. (Chloe)

From now on I’m going to buy apples that look good but aren’t shiny because shiny apples have been sprayed with a spray that causes cancer. (Tejana)

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