Level 4 PE News

Joel N (Sports Captain)


On Tuesday 26th July, 2016, Level Four had an A.F.L. 9s clinic run by two footballers, Jack and Darcy. The first activity we did was “In and Out”. He would say “In” and we would jump on the grass, then he would say “Out” and we jumped back on to the cricket pitch. Next we did another activity to see who could pick up the ball the fastest. We had to go into partners and stand side by side, he would blow the whistle and we had to see who could get to the ball first. Next we played a game of “A.F.L. 9s”. There were three zones, one was an attacking zone, then there was a midfield zone and the other was a defensive zone. You couldn’t skip a third of the field when you kicked it. You could tag a player then they had to get rid of the ball within three seconds. It was a great game!


On Tuesday 26th July, 2016, Kingston Heath had two fantastic yoga teachers come in and do our first yoga lesson for this beneficial program. It was really relaxing and we learnt how to calm down if you have had a stressful and busy day. We also learnt how to do different yoga poses – the lion, the elephant, the cat, the dog and the snake. It was really relaxing and soothing.

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