Level 4 Garden News

By Rebekah (Sustainability Captain) & Thomas (Garden Captain)

Last week in our Garden lessons Level 4 learnt how to weed the garden by pulling out the weed and the roots. It is important when weeding that you pull out the roots so the weeds don’t continue to grow. After we weeded an area we covered it with an old carpet so the weeds won’t grow back.


We also learnt how to plant a seedling, by digging a small hole with a trowel, big enough so the plants roots are covered but not the actual plant. We planted kale and cos lettuce, which we’ll enjoy using in our Kitchen lessons later this year.


We pruned the dead flowers and branches from the lavender and cut them up into small pieces for the compost. We also pulled out the old green bean plants and cut them up for the compost too.


We are also continuing on our Garden theory project about vegetable families, which is going great. When we went to our Garden lesson we had an opportunity to ask Mr Thompson any questions we had. We are now thinking of how we could present our research.

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