Junior Mayor Competition

The Junior Mayor Competition was held at the Chelsea Town Hall, on the 14th April 2016. It was sponsored by the Rotary Club. The Junior Mayor Competition was held to find a new Junior Mayor for 2016.


The topic this year was: “How can we create a better future including the youth of our community?”


Our idea was to have a Kingston Clubhouse, which would be for thirteen to eighteen year olds. The Clubhouse would have several different fun clubs, including a Happiness Club, a Multi-cultural Club, and a Job and Life Skills Club. It would also have a website with a chatroom, podcasts/videos and an events board.

Alannah – When I was presenting it helped for me to focus on a certain point, (that wouldn’t move), which was just above the audience’s heads. I think having practised it a lot and talking about what was going to happen and how it was going to run, really helped me be prepared for it. Also all the support really helped too. In the car on the way I think we were all pretty excited but really nervous too, after it had happened it just felt great, it was an emotional rollercoaster! I think  one of our strengths were that all of our team was active on stage, unlike most schools, where their team would just stand still and do nothing and the head speaker was taking over. Something we can improve on is moving around more on the stage and being more engaging. Overall it was an awesome day, and I strongly encourage all the Year 5s to have a go at it!


Rebekah – What I think really prepared us for the day were all the practices and the support from everyone.  Something that helped me handle my nerves was when Bonbeach (the school we were sitting with) said to envisage that you were just doing a school assembly and that really helped me. I really suggest to the year 5s to have a great day and don’t let your nerves get to you on the day it is a great day.


Vanessa – I was extremely ecstatic during the whole event. We were all relaxed and did a great job when presenting. Something that helped calm my nerves was the thought that we would be great. After presenting second, we got a lot of positive feedback. The whole team was participating and involving the audience. We sacrificed a lot of time to work on our presentation and I believe that the result was amazing. Something we could have worked on was moving around the stage as that would engage the audience and entertain them. I dearly enjoyed the day and would encourage all Year  5s to participate in the Junior Mayor competition in 2017.


Georgia -I felt very anxious and excited throughout the experience but when we had finished I felt a little less anxious and was very interested in listening, so I could relax and just enjoy everyone else’s speeches. Ms Wheatley was very good at calming my nerves and I think the competition was very fun. I would definitely suggest the year 5s go for it in 2017.


The new Junior Mayor taking over for Jasmine Warber is Isaac Madafferi from Kingswood Primary School. We think they won because their leader, Isaac, was very confident. He memorised his speech and had a terrific idea to do with education and bullying. He also had a team of very supportive teachers and friends.


The runner up was Meecha from Aspendale Gardens. We thought that she was going to win because she was very confident, her team was very involved, she walked around the stage a lot, she involved the audience and also memorised her speech. Her idea was great too and related to the topic.


From this experience we have learnt that everyone can be a leader. It’s just as simple as starting a movement and not being afraid.


Our favourite highlight of the day was when we ate lunch because it was really tasty. We enjoyed the whole event but it was great when we found out who the Junior Mayor is for the year. It was a great feeling when we got our certificate and participation ribbon.


We would like to thank Ms Wheatley for helping, supporting us and making it a great day. We would also like to thank Mr Mac and Mr S for giving us some last minute tips before we went and we would also like to thank all of the mums who came and supported us on the day!

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