Summer Interschool Sport Report

Round 2, 2016

On Friday 12th February the Year Five and Six students from Kingston Heath Primary School headed to Cheltenham East Primary School to play Round Two of interschool sports. It was an away game which meant T-ball was played at Le Page Park, and Volleystars, Hot Shots Tennis and Kanga Cricket were played at Cheltenham East Primary School. After such a great start for interschool sport, we cannot wait to play Round Three!

Kanga Girls: On Friday it was the first interschool sport game of 2016. Some of the main highlights were: Chloe smashing a 6, Laiba’s great fielding, Ava and Ainslee’s batting, Chloe and Ainslee’s running between the wickets, Alannah’s and Rebekah’s amazing sportsmanship and Mia’s great bowling!  The score was 177 to 96 runs. Unfortunately we didn’t win but we had a great time and can’t wait to go back next week.

Kanga Boys: It was Kingston Heath’s first game of cricket and we were so excited. We got off to a great start. After the first two overs we already had two wickets thanks to Oscar’s brilliant catch. Zak continued with three awesome wickets and Logan’s two outstanding run-outs. However Shaun and David stole the show with their power hitting. Shaun hit the ball so far that it almost hit Laiba in another game! In the end it was 142 – 81. Kingston won!

T-ball Girls: For many of the team it was their first competitive game of T-Ball.  We played Cheltenham East at Le Page. We got away to a great start, scoring 6 runs in the first innings and score 12 runs for the game. Kya was terrific and nearly scored a homerun, but still managed to allow 2 others to score. Cheltenham East was too strong, but we still were very competitive and we will get better with more practise.

T-ball Boys: Today was Kingston Heath’s first interschool sport round and for tee-ball the highlights of the day were Jacob’s big hit. He was safe on third base just 2 seconds before another highlight, Bailey’s massive hit. He was able to make a home run. The loss was disappointing but for the first game I think we learnt a lot, played a lot and thought really hard about the moves we made. It was a really fun game. The end results were 23-3 with a win for Chelt East. We can’t wait until next Friday.

Volleystars: Kingston Heath’s first day of interschool sport and Volleystars were versing Cheltenham East. In both matches we were leading in the early stages of the game but there was a great server who knocked us off track. The final scores were 19-21, close but just not enough. Overall, it was a really good game and I’m pretty sure everyone can’t wait to do it again.

Hot Shots Tennis: The Kingston Heath Hot Shots Tennis team had an amazing first game of interschool sports. Everyone had fun playing against Cheltenham East Primary. Kingston Heath won the singles with 7 wins against Chelt East’s 3 wins. In the doubles Chelt East won with 10 wins against our 4 wins. The highlights were Nadav and Hudson, who were an unstoppable double pair and Mehdi who won 2 singles games. Everyone had lots of fun!


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