Guest Speaker in Level 4

By Chloe P

On Friday 4th March we had a special guest come to Level Four. Mrs Janash came and taught us about Russian culture. Currently, the Central Idea for our Unit of Inquiry is ‘A person’s creativity and choice of expression projects aspects of their identity’.


Mrs Janash taught us about how Russian people express themselves. She taught us about traditional Russian dishes like a Russian soup called Borscht, which is made of beetroot. She also showed us videos of popular dances in Russia, such as Ballet. We learnt about celebrations like International Women’s Day and traditional objects in the Russian culture, such as the Samovar which is a tea maker.


It was really informative and gave us all an idea of what we were meant to be doing for our Summative Assessment task, which is researching a culture and finding out how they expressed themselves 50-100 years ago in a specific medium.


To end the slideshow, that Mrs Janash very kindly made in her spare time, we did a short quiz with prizes for the winners, which made everyone listen much better – as everyone wanted to win their own Babushka doll (also known as a Russian nesting doll). That wasn’t the end of the surprises, as Mrs Janash pulled out a tray of Russian biscuits! It made our day, as the biscuits were delicious.


Thank you Mrs Janash for your time in preparing the presentation and for coming along to our school and teaching us about Russian culture.

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