Garden Update

Rebekah K (Sustainability Captain) & Thomas C (Garden Captain)

Last week in Garden classes the whole school worked on our Wildlife Corridor. The Year Ones weeded the corridor, while the Year Fives and Sixes worked on the edging by using a spade to cut the grass. They also put some more soil under the soccer goal posts. The Year Twos shook the soil off the grass to finish off the garden edges in the Wildlife Corridor.

To keep our grounds neat and tidy every week, one class will be sweeping the courtyard. The class teacher will be deciding who sweeps.


The Green Team are working on two videos:

  • Group one (Rebekah, Harrison, Amelia, Hamish, Sandie and Julian) are working on a video about Nude Food Day and picking up rubbish
  • Group two (Thomas, Alison, Nicholas, Mya, Jamie, Alex and Adin) are working on a video about recycling

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