Deakin Science Report - Level 4

Weeks 1 & 2

Level 4 are currently inquiring into the central idea, ‘Electrical energy has an impact on society’.

During weeks 1 and 2 the Deakin Science students have looked at the concept of ‘function’ which focuses on how electricity works. They investigated static electricity and electrical circuits.  We also investigated electrical circuits and what objects were able to conduct electricity. We were amazed by what objects electricity can travel through.

Some of the students’ comments were:


“It was really good because we could choose what objects might conduct electricity, instead of being given them. We had to guess whether or not the object would conduct electricity.” Tom B


“It’s great because we get to do lots of hands on activities, like creating static electricity.” Mia G


“The students are very friendly and explain everything very well.” Maddie M


“We got to create static electricity. Foil, paper and salt were attracted to my balloon.” Chloe P


“We got to guess what objects electricity would be able to pass through. It was interesting seeing how electricity is created.” Georgia G
“We did a few experiments. I learnt that you can easily get zapped and burnt by electricity; it can be very dangerous.” Jack E

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