The Preps have been learning about the cyclic nature of the seasons.

First we learnt about winter with our Year 6 buddies. We discussed the temperature and what clothes to wear in winter. Then we made our own snowflakes and created a special Winter picture.

 Next we talked about all the seasons together; Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, and all the different things we see and do in each season. 

Then each Prep chose a country and wrote a weather report about that country. We presented the reports to each other and focused on using loud voices and making eye contact with the audience.

Finally, Mr Starling brought in his special skis and ski gear to show all the Preps. It was very exciting to see Matthew dress up in all of Mr Starling’s snow clothes!

Then the Preps either wrote something new they learnt about skiing or wrote a story about skiing.


I went skiing and crashed in the snow. I want to do it again. I want a  hot chocolate milk. Everything is orange.

By Jai D.


I went skiing in the snow because it is fun to ski in the North Pole. The mountain is steep. It is cold in winter.

By Logan T.


I went skiing. It is scary but I was with my family.

By Charlie A.


The skiing is fun. I liked the skies the best.

By Eliana L.


I think the boots were not heavy. The glasses were orange.

By Hannah A.


Skiing is fun and I like the yellow goggles and I also like the skiing boots. The skiing boots are grey and also the helmet.

By Ahana M.


I go skiing. I go skiing when it is winter. It is very fun. I go there every time when it is my birthday. It is fun all the time. I think my boots are heavy.

By Chloe C.


I like going skiing so much. I did skiing at my holiday.

By Matthew F.


I want to go skiing one day when it’s snowing. I like to go to the mountains and ski because I like skiing.

By Zac K.


I like going skiing but I didn’t go to the snow and today was good too and I like when my mum says yes and when I’m 10 years old I will go skiing and I will have fun.

By Amirali K.


I think that it is cool and fun but I haven’t been skiing but I like it. My dad has gone to the snow.

By Ruby V.


I like the helmet. I liked the goggles. The boots were heavy but the thing I liked was when Matthew put the skiing things on.

By Phoenix B.


I went Skiing. I went to the mountains on Friday.

By Zita H.


Skiing is fun and it is hard to climb the mountains. It is hard to walk.

By Elliot B.


I liked skiing down to my friends. It was fun.

By Yanki U.


Skiing is very fun. It was fun when I learned about it. I learned when we put the skis on it made a big click. I liked the sound of the click.

By Jemima C.


I like the goggles and I liked the helmet and I like the skis and I liked the gloves and the skiing is fun.

By Charlotte K.


The goggles look cool. The skiing was fun.

By Leon B.


I like skiing and ice flips. I can ski on water. I can ski and it is fun. The end.

By Jontae L.


I like going to the snow. It is fun.

By Alex D.


When I ski I put my boots on and I put my goggles on my head. I go fast.

By Risha W.


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