On Thursday 25th May, the Prep students took part in a Maths incursion. The room had over 17 hands-on activities spread out and ready to use. The Year 5/6 class came and manned each station. The Preps were free to explore the activities and it was delightful to see the excitement in their eyes and the lovely way the Year 5/6 students mentored them.

I liked going into the Year 3 and 4 room again. I liked splitting up into groups and doing the activities, they were cool. Miles C Prep B

I liked doing the activity with my Buddy. There were a lot of little balls and we had to count all of the balls. Leila W-P Prep B

I made a pattern with a snake but if you got it wrong you had to restart. Mia D Prep A

I thought it was good. I liked the activity where you had to race each other. I won. Ayla S Prep A