Italian Week 2017

By Ava I and Brodie S, School Captains

Italian week at KHPS began February 22nd until February 24th.  We had an assembly on Wednesday the 22nd of February where we celebrated with role plays, songs, and dances.  As the School Captains, we presented the assembly and introduced each act.  A selected group of Year 6’s performed short role plays which were about Greetings. During the week in specialists’ classes, the students completed Italian themed activities. In Art, we made a 3D Gondola scenery, in PE we played Bocce and soccer, in Kitchen we cooked vegetables and made a salad from our garden, in Italian we played Tombola and danced to a popular Italian tune, Il ballo del qua, qua, (Chicken dance).

Assembly started at 3.00pm with some families in attendance. There were a variety of acts presented in year levels. Our teacher of Italian, Signora Vecchi, ensured the Hall was suitably decorated with the Italian Flag, balloons, banners and streamers.

At assembly, the following students in Year 6 performed an Italian role play in pairs; Tess and Phoebe, Eva and Charlee, Jack and Gero and the finale with Mehdi and Nadav. The Year 1’s sang a Pinocchio inspired song titled ‘Andiamo alla festa.’  Followed by the Year 4’s song about vegetable soup called ‘Minestrone.’ The Year 5’s performed a song about the body called ‘Sulla testa.’ The Year 2’s sang a familiar tune titled ‘Fra Martino’ (Brother Martin bell ringer). The final level to perform was the Year 3’s with a song called ‘Testa, Spalle….’ in Italian and English, (Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes).  Bravissimi!


Thank you to the following Year 6 Captains who helped behind the scenes during Assembly: ICT Captains, Cameron and Max for organising the music and to Noah for taking the photos.

Grazie to Signora Vecchi  for preparing the students for a special Italian Assembly. We hope you enjoyed the performances that day. It was a fun and busy week!


Click on the above Gallery to view some photos of the Italian Week performers, craft activities and Bingo players!