Relationships in Prep

The Preps have been discussing all the relationships they have at school. We decided that the important relationships are friends, teachers and buddies. Last week they brainstormed all the ways they can make new friends. Then the Preps made their own ‘Friendship Flower’. On each petal was one idea of how to make a friend.

“We wrote about how we make friends. I play with them, tell them my name and share with them.”

By Ella K

“I say their name, I ask them if you want to play and you have to be nice.”

By Luca D

“I tell them my name. I play with them. I care about them.”

By Eleni H

This week the Preps thought about all the teachers that teach them at school. They learn with Mrs Rosenberg, Mr Starling and Miss England everyday.

During Term 1, they also see Signora Vecchi, Mrs Prattico and Mrs Carter each week.

“Mrs Rosenberg teaches me how to write.”

By Emma S

“Mrs Carter helps me paint pictures.”

By Adin B

“Mrs Prattico teaches me Music.”

By Lene B

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