Puppets and Pumpkins

Little Red Riding Hood

After reading Little Red Riding Hood last week, the Preps worked hard to construct their very own Wolf or Red Riding Hood puppet. First, they painted their chosen character during Art. Then they used googly eyes, felt, wool and fuzzy noses to create their wooden spoon masterpieces! Puppet Shows are on the agenda over the next few weeks!




This week, the Preps made pumpkin coaches to transport Cinderella to the ball. Then they wrote about their favourite part of the Fairytale.


I like when they fall in love.

By Ruby I


I like when she goes to the ball because she dances.

By Ash L


My favourite part was when Cinderella and the Prince kissed and kissed.

By Josh M


My favourite part was when the Fairy Godmother came.

By Grace H


I like when Cinderella wore a pretty dress.

By Annie Y


I liked when she dropped the slipper.

By Peter S


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