Prep Road Safety Incursion

On Wednesday 30th November, the Preps participated in a road safety incursion. Everyone was extremely excited, waiting in anticipation for the opportunity to drive a car for the first time. We learnt about looking for cars when crossing the road at a zebra crossing, wearing seatbelts in the car and making sure the passenger is being sensible so the driver can concentrate.


“My favourite was driving the car. My car was the red car and it went fast.” By Joshua M.

“I got to drive the yellow car. I felt a little nervous at the start but after I had a go driving I thought it was awesome.” By Luca D.

“My car went too fast at first and I crashed into the car in front of me, it was very funny. We named the car ‘Giggles’ and then I did very well at driving.” By Ella K.


The Preps would like to thank Cameron from Kids Car Education. It was excellent! We would also like to thank our super helpers Diane Reid, Jelena Petronijevic, Lindsay Layzell and Fiona Keele for their assistance.

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