Prep Melbourne Museum Excursion

At the museum I like playing with my friends Lucy and Emma. We played with the musical steps. It was fun.

By Jasmine W


At the museum I played with my friends. I used the magnifying glass to look.

By Ruby I


At the museum I saw a dinosaur. I learn about a dinosaur.

By Erica E

On Wednesday 16th March, the Preps went on their first excursion to the Melbourne Museum. They were very excited to go on the bus and look at the big buildings on the way to the city. The Preps played together in the Children’s Gallery with their new friends they have made at school this year. They also got to be Paleontologists and learnt all about dinosaur fossils. A huge thank you to Mrs Helen Stoumpos, Mrs Angie Stefanou, Mrs Maria Batras, Mrs Jelena Petronijevic, Mrs Fiona Keele, Mrs Melinda Onley and Mrs Vanessa Riach for being such wonderful and patient helpers!

The Preps wrote recounts about all the amazing exhibitions they saw at the Museum.

At the museum I liked the dark cave and bones.

By Shakima C


At the museum I saw the old house and I saw a volcano. It was fun.

By Thomas N


At the museum I went to the movies. I liked the children’s gallery.

By Tate O

At the museum I saw some fish, some bones and some planets.

By Xavier B


At the museum I saw the dinosaur.

By Samir A


At the museum I saw a bunny.

By Sarah E

Then on the way back to school, there were a few sleepy-heads that nodded off after such an exciting day!

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