Prep Incursions

The Preps were very lucky to have a friendly visit from our local Police Officers. The students learnt about the role Police Officers play in our community leading up to the visit. Everyone wrote a series of questions down which they wanted to ask the Police. The Police Officers talked about road safety, especially wearing seatbelts in the car and telling the Preps to make sure their Mum and Dad have their seat belts on, too.
The highlight was seeing the Police Car. The Preps enjoyed it when the Policeman radioed in a message to headquarters and were greeted by a return message. We would like to thank the officers from the Cheltenham Police Station for our visit.



The Preps were very excited to welcome the Fire Fighters into the classroom too! The Fire Fighters visited us on two occasions, one so we could learn about what to do if a fire is in our house and the second visit was to learn about the fire truck.


The Preps learnt to ‘Stop, Drop, Cover, Roll’ if they have fire on their clothes, to ‘Crawl down low and go, go, go’ if there is smoke in the house, to check they have smoke alarms in every room and to plan a safe meeting place with their family in case of emergencies. Most importantly, we learnt to call 000 if we need help.

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