Prep Fun in Term 1

The Preps have been learning about all  the different relationships in their lives during our first Unit of Inquiry, ‘Who We Are’.

This is our Family Graph. There are many kinds of families in Prep and across the world.

Eva and Zoe are playing ‘Mum’s and Dad’s’ in the Prep Kitchen.

The Preps are learning to write the letter Aa. A for Annie Apple. Annie Apple says ‘a’!

Uppercase A, lowercase a; his name is ‘a’ (aaee) and he says ‘a’ (as in bat).

This is our Helper Hand. The Preps are learning about the different people who can help them.

Ruby went to Scienceworks and learnt how to make a bubble machine. She is confidently sharing the knowledge with her Prep friends.

The Preps are also learning about another Unit of Inquiry ‘How the World Works’. These are our day and night plates.

We are beginning to understand the cyclic nature of time; the four seasons, months of the year, weeks in the months, days in the weeks, hours in the day and minutes in the hour.

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