Prep Creative Writing

The Preps have started their new Unit of Inquiry which explores the Central Idea ‘We express ourselves through stories and play’. Each week, we will be focusing on a different Fairytale story. We will then create our own stories, puppet shows and role plays throughout the unit.


This week we used our imagination to write some stories about Rapunzel:


Rapunzel and the prince went to the beach. They covered each other in sand. We saw a dolphin.

The end.

By Charlotte K.


Rapunzel came to school and I went to the monkey bars with her. We hung upside down on the monkey bars. We went to a big party, it was awesome and I went up all over the walls. Then we flew on a unicorn and we went to her house.

The end.

By Phoenix B.


Rapunzel came to school. She will do art with me. Rapunzel showed me how to do the monkey bars with her long hair.

The end.

By Makaylah H.


Rapunzel came to school. We went on the long jump. We jumped a biggest jump, about forty kilometres. She did the longest long jump ever.

The end.

By Leslie N.


Rapunzel came to school. I will show Rapunzel our words and I played with Rapunzel.

The end.

By Jai D.


We have a special Fairytale display with some wonderful work and a new clue each week. Can you guess next week’s Fairytale?

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