Police Officer Incursion in Prep


On Tuesday, the Preps had two very special visitors from the Police Department. We learnt many new things from the Police Officers, such as how the oil on our hands leaves fingerprints at a crime sign and how the siren works in the Police car. The Preps wrote recounts explaining some of the things that they learnt.

I got to sit in the car. I learnt how to fingerprint. I got to feel the handcuffs. I saw the pepper spray. I liked to sit in the car because it was fun.

By Kala P.


Yesterday the Police came to Kingston Heath Primary School in their Police car and we got to see their handcuffs and the Police were nice. It was cool and we saw their car and we saw their capsicum spray and their walkie talkie. Their uniform was cool.

By Lincoln H.

Yesterday I got to sit in a police car. It was blue and white.

By Sarah E.

The Police Officer showed the handcuffs and the Police car and he showed the pepper spray and I got to sit in the car. The Police Officers sprayed the pepper spray in the criminals eyes so they can stop running.

By Josh A.


Yesterday the Police came and showed us their car and how to fingerprint.

By Abigail C.

Yesterday the Police came to school. They showed us their car, lights, handcuffs and their baton.

By Xavier B.

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