Myuna Farm Excursion

On Friday 10th June, the Preps piled into the bus for an exciting excursion to Myuna Farm. Students were able to experience real farm life by participating in a range of hands-on activities with a farmer. This included milking a goat, visiting the baby animals in the nursery, feeding bread to the bigger animals, planting our own seeds, walking through the produce garden and riding the train to the wetlands to feed the ducks. It was a wonderful, rain-free day with many learning opportunities and fun experiences. A huge thank you to Mrs Funnell for helping on our excursion, as well as our parent helpers Nicole Louey, Richard Keele, Amanda Smith, Matthew Onley, Laura Newing, Peter Hulbert and Mark Hemingway.

As our current Central Idea is ‘we need things for survival’, the Myuna Farm excursion supported many of the ‘survival’ ideas that the Preps have explored. These include needing water, food, shelter, exercise, sleep, oxygen and minions (because everyone needs a friend)!


The Preps created their own Fruit and Vegetable garden posters which included a water source and sunlight so their gardens would thrive.


I have passionfruit in my garden because I like them. It needs water and sun to survive.

By Summer W.


I grew some carrots and peas and blueberries. They make you get healthy.

By Thomas N.



The Preps have also created a variety of shelters out of blocks and craft materials. Yesterday they made a shelter poster for a chosen animal. Within their shelter they needed to include a water and food source.


My snake is in a cave because they won’t get trodden on. And so it can stay safe.

By Lenny and Tommy C.


My cave keeps the fox safe because if it rains it doesn’t get wet.

By Emma S.


My penguin lives in an igloo because he needs to stay cold.

By Kala P.


We have so many colourful posters on display! Come in anytime to view the Prep’s lovely work.

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