Level 4 Circus Skills (6.10.16 & 13.10.16)

Danah O, 6A

In Term Four, the Level Four students have been learning Circus Skills with Erica from Little Devils Circus. We got to work in groups of six or seven and did all the activities in groups we chose.


Here are some of the activities we did in our first lesson:


How to do some tricks with a Hula Hoop. We learnt how to spin it with our hand and with our arm, around our waist and our neck.

We also learnt Diablo, which is like the bottom of two cups stuck together and you spin it with string stuck on two sticks. We learnt how to throw it while it’s spinning and then catch it with the string.

We also learnt how to spin a plate on a stick.


At the end of the lesson we learnt some cool tricks you can do with a friend; one was where you hold hands and lean back with your feet together in front of you.


Overall we had a great time and learnt some very cool tricks. When you’re in Year Five and Six you will get a chance to learn some circus skills too.


On Thursday 13th October Level Four had their second Circus Skills lesson and got to try some new activities.


Some new activities we did  were,

  • Poi – Poi are a lot like two ribbons you can spin around in different ways, like The Helicopter, The Ninja or The Corkscrew. When you do The Helicopter you spin one in front of you and one above you.


  • Juggling – When we did juggling we didn’t use normal juggling balls like you would expect, we used scarves. First we used two and then added another one to juggle three.


  • Devil Sticks – Devil Sticks are when you have one stick with tassels on the end, and two other sticks you hold in your hand, so you can flip the tassel stick and catch it.


At the end of the class we made a human pyramid and some people were on the ground doing a box pose and everyone else did the box pose on top of them and made a human pyramid.


I personally think today’s lesson was great and that we learnt more interesting fun skills. I’m excited that we get to do it again next week!

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