Jump Rope for Heart

The Prep Experience

We did skipping with the skipping ropes because it was Jump Rope for Heart. We got to dress up in our normal clothes and donated some money to the heart foundation.

By Ash L.

For Jump Rope for Heart you have to skip with skipping ropes because it helps to make you healthy.

By Thomas N.

We get to use the skipping ropes. We used the big skipping ropes in a group and the small ones by ourselves. My favorite was using the big skipping rope.

By Mya T.

I am good at skipping because I practice it at home. I had lots and fun doing Jump Rope for Heart at school.

By Riley E.

At first, skipping was very hard for me because I have never done skipping before. I have gotten a bit better because we have practiced at school lots. I like skipping.

By Xavier B.

I have a strong and healthy heart because I did lots of skipping at school. It was lots of fun.

By Josh A.

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