Girls Football Round Robin 2015

Michael Smethurst: Sports Coordinator

Last Tuesday the 21st  of July, some of the Year 5 and 6 girls teamed up to participate in the Girls’ Football Division Round Robin held at Dendy Park, Brighton. The girls put in a fantastic performance throughout the day. Well done to all 16 girls who took part in the day and made it a success. Your behaviour, humility in victory and graciousness in defeat was exemplary. Thank you to the Lisa Anderson from SEDA who helped with the management of the team and umpiring.


Game 1: Kingston Heath 0.0.0 lost to Hampton 6.3.39

Game 2: Kingston Heath 0.2.2 lost to Brighton 2.1.13

Game 3: Kingston Heath 3.3.21 defeated Dingley  0.0.0

Game 4: Kingston Heath 2.1.13 lost to Beaumaris  3.1.19

Game 5: Kingston Heath 0.3.3 lost to Black Rock 2.3.15


Special mention must go to: Taylor G and Reachell H who were fantastic in defence and Ella V and Eve W for their skills and leadership.

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