It was another exciting day for kitchen, this week we made Vegetable Rolls for main course, Spicy Cauliflower Salad, Vegetable muffins as a side dish and Carrot Cupcakes for dessert.

The Carrot Cupcakes were such a fail, with too much bicarb soda the flavour put the class right off. Before we ate the Carrot Cupcakes we had the Vegetable Rolls that were a class favourite and some simple but delicious Vegetable Muffins. For the salad we added something that was a bit different which was cauliflower. Although the Carrot Cupcakes were a fail we still enjoyed the food.

Thank you to the parents who helped, Rebecca (Dakoda’s mum), Chris (Ciara’s dad), Matt (Tyson’s dad), Soula (Jemimah’s mum) and Mia (Jaime’s grandma).

By Vishwa. G

(S.A.K.G. Kitchen captain)