The Big Green Conference

On Friday the 28th of April, we went to the Big Green Conference at Carrum Primary school.  Half of the Green Team came along.

The conference theme was about how we could make our school more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We also found some good ideas that we could add to our school.

We undertook some activities such as origami planters. We saw their chickens, goats and birds. We also saw a wetland area where things such as frogs lived.  We also made rice paper rolls. We looked and tried some of their fruit and vegetables, which were delicious. We think that Carrum Primary school was a very sustainable school.

We also heard the other schools telling us how they are improving the environmental sustainability at their schools. We had lots of fun and learned a lot about how we can make our school better. During our Green Team meetings at school, we have begun to implement some ideas learnt at the conference. Watch this space, as we will be sharing these ideas with you soon.

Thank you to Carrum Primary School for hosting us, and to Mrs Julie Vallance, Mrs Sara Leopold for driving us.  We would also like to thank Mr Thompson and Mrs Fox for coming on the trip with us.

Ruby, Vishwa and Bell

The Environment, SAKG Kitchen and SAKG Garden Captains