Royal Flying Doctors visit

Tom and Campbell from RFDS came to our school to do a talk about the Flying Doctor and School of the Air.  Tom told us about the $20.00 note and the meaning about the pictures on the note.  He said that the plane was the first Royal Flying Doctor plane, the body chart helped people describe where they were hurt and where they needed help, and the colour of note is the colour of the outback, which is red.

Tom also told us about how kids in the outback went to school.  Instead of going to a school with a teacher and classmates, they had a radio, which connected to other kids in the outback, as well as the teacher.  He said that the nearest real school was so far away that they had to drive two hours to even get to their front gate!

After the inside talk we went outside to have a look at the RFDS simulator.  It was really cool!  The first drivers of the plane were me and Adam.  We got to steer the plane.  There was a screen in front of us that we could see where we were flying…..and Adam’s plane crashed!  Then we got to have a look at the inside of the plane, and there were headphones to listen to the pilots, and inside the plane was very cold.  Jess got to be the doctor who used the stethoscope and Jeanette was the patient. Jess must have done a good job because Jeanette did not stop smiling.

I really enjoyed the Royal Flying Doctors because we got to look inside the plane and learnt lots about how they work and what a good job they do, and now I know much more about them than I did before.

Jaime Janash