Collingwood Children's Farm

Prep Excursion

The Prep students have been learning about the central idea, ‘We need things for our survival’. We have brainstormed all the things that a person needs to survive, including exercise, shelter, love, water and food.

The Preps built their own ‘Prepland’; a shopping centre where they could buy all their favourite foods. After further discussion, we learnt that the food we buy in shops comes from farms, so off we went to the farm!

Arriving at school on a cold, yet sunny day (thank you weather!), the Preps all layered up in their raincoats and gumboots ready to go to Collingwood Children’s Farm. They participated in the ‘Meet and Greet Animals’ program. With trained staff leading the tour the children experienced ‘life on the farm’. Students had the opportunity to brush a cow and feed the sheep, the goats, the pigs, the ponies, a donkey, the lambs and the chickens! We also got to see the farm cats, peacocks, ducks, geese and we got to cuddle the guinea pigs! The excursion gave students the opportunity to act and reflect on our central idea.

A big thank you to our wonderful parent helpers who were marvellous at tackling sore feet, bee stings and sorting lunches.

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