100 Days of Prep

On Monday 27th July, the Preps celebrated their 100th day of school. It was an exciting day which the Preps had been looking forward to for a long time. Each day, at the beginning of our Math session, we have been adding a star to our ‘100s chart’ on the interactive white board. The excitement continued to grow as we got closer to day 100.

We had a class discussion and the students voted on their favorite movies so they could dress up. There was an amazing selection of characters from Minions, Inside Out and Frozen movies. The little yellow Minions were everywhere! Thankfully their behaviour was very good, unlike in the movie. To celebrate the 100th day of Prep, we made a poster and completed a ‘100 days activity book’. The students participated in two parades, one for the Prep parents at the start of the day and the other at assembly with the rest of the school. Everyone enjoyed eating the yummy food at the party lunch.

Thank you very much to our parent helpers for cooking the delicious lunch and cleaning up afterwards.

Education Minister James Merlino even marks 100 days of Prep on his calendar! He sent us  a special ‘Congratulations on 100 days of Prep’ card:

Congratulations on 100 days of Prep

I am a Minion and at lunch we are going to have sausage rolls and party pies and we might have cupcakes for dessert.

By Elliott B

I am dressed up as Agnes from the Minions. I think for lunch we will have fairy bread and sausage rolls. We are allowed to have a cupcake.

By Jemima C

I am dressed up as Angry from Inside Out. I am going to eat fairy bread and pizza and a scone. I think today is very fun.

By Keyaan E

I am dressed up as Disgust from Inside Out. My friends are Minions. Matthew and Ruby are Minions and Elsa. Eliana is very, very pretty. My favorite is Matthews costume.

By Phoenix B

I am Bob from Minions. We are going to have bananas for lunch. I also want fairy bread. We had a costume parade.

By Ben B

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