Tree Day 2015 - Levels 2 & 3

Tree Day was a great success!  Rain threatened early in the morning, as it always does on any good activity, but didn’t eventuate.  The Year 1, 2 and 3 students all worked on the expansion of the Wildlife Corridor, which has reached its full size of 200 square metres.  Earlier in the week, Year 1 and 2 students planted out about half of the new area.  This was done so that they could mulch and water the new plants during Tree Day while the Year 3 students planted in the remaining section.  It worked like clockwork and I was very impressed at how proficient all of the students have become at planting.  They dug the holes to the correct depth, eased the fragile plants out of the pots and planted them in a way that left a natural bowl around the plant that we could easily fill with water.  It will be a joy to watch the new plants develop over the coming years.

Special thanks to Lindy Freese and Ngaire Sedevcich for helping on Tree Day and the amazing parent Green Team for all of their hard work weeding prior to the event.  It looks a million dollars!!!

We finished the day with a lovely assembly to celebrate the completion of the Wildlife Corridor. The City of Kingston Mayor, Geoff Gledhill and Councillors Ron Brownlees, OAM and Rosemary West, OAM attended.  Our Environmental Captain Nikki Loboda and the Garden Captain Jayme Gerakalis spoke beautifully about the history of the Wildlife Corridor and the sustainability initiatives undertaken at K.H.P.S.

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